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Where inspiration and creativity come from?

Inspiration and creativity doesn’t come through the moment of thinking, it comes through your being, being the space of awareness and being present – Eckhart Tolle





THIS TOO WILL PASS:-Eckhart Tolle’s story told, so very beautifully extract from his bestselling book “A New Earth”

According to an ancient Sufi story, there lived a king in some Middle Eastern land who was continuously torn between happiness and despondency. The slightest thing would cause him great upset or provoke an intense reaction, and his happiness would quickly turn into disappointment and despair. A time came when the king finally got tired of himself and of life, and he began to seek a way out. He sent for a wise man who lived in his kingdom and who was reputed to be enlightened. When the wise man came, the king said to him, “I want to be like you. Can you give me something that will bring balance, serenity, and wisdom into my life? I will pay back any price you ask.”
The wise man said, “I may be able to help you. But the price is so great that your entire kingdom would not be sufficient to pay for it. Therefore it will be a gift to you if you honour it.” The king gave his assurances and the wise man left.
A few weeks later, he returned and handed the king an ornate box carved in jade. The king opened the box and found a simple gold ring inside. Some letters were inscribed on the ring. The inscription read. This too will pass. “What is the meaning of this?” asked the king. The wise man said, “Wear this ring always. Whatever happens, before you call it good or bad, touch this ring and read the inscription. That way you will always be at peace.”
This too will pass. What is it about this simple words that makes them so powerful? Looking at it superficially, it would seem while those words may provide some comfort in a bad situation, they would also diminish the enjoyment of the good things in life. “Don’t be too happy, because it won’t last.” This seems to be what they are saying when applied in a situation that is perceived as good.
…this story points to the fact of impermanence which, when recognised, leads to nonattachment. Non-resistance are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living.
Those words inscribed on the ring are not telling you that you should not enjoy the good in your life, nor are they merely meant to provide some comfort in times of suffering. They have a deeper purpose: to make you aware of the fleetingness of every situation, which is due to the transience of all forms- good or bad. When you become aware of the transience of all forms, your attachment to them lessens, and you disidentify with them to some extent. Being detached does not mean you cannot enjoy the good that the world has to offer. Infact, you enjoy it more. Once you see the transience of all things and the inevitability of change, you can enjoy the pleasures about the future. When you are detached, you gain a higher vantage point from which to view the events in your life instead of being trapped inside them.

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Action comes out of the acceptance








New Earth online Class – chapter 1

Oprah: Yeah. What you say is, “What you resist persists.”
Eckhart: Yes.
Oprah: So you must make peace with the moment.
Eckhart: Yes.
Oprah: Doesn’t mean you have to approve the situation.
Eckhart: No.
Oprah: But you must make peace with the moment in order to get yourself out of it.
Eckhart: yes
Oprah: Cause resisting is only going to cause more of it.
Eckhart: Yes. And that’s absolutely vital. So ease with what is. The “isness” of this moment is already as it already is as it’s. The ego doesn’t understand that, but you can’t really argue with what is because it already is.
Oprah: So you must accept whatever it is first before you begin to change it, that’s what you’re saying.
Eckhart: Yes.
Oprah: There must be acceptance.
Eckhart: Acceptance of what is first. Then action comes out of the acceptance. It no longer comes out of resistance.
Oprah: Got it.
Eckhart: Which is a totally different energy flows into what you do when it comes out of an acceptance of that is what is and then action happens that is actually empowered by life itself.

Identity Enhancer



“The people in the advertising industry know very well that in order to sell things, that people don’t really need. they must convince them that those things will add something to how they see themselves or are seen by others; in other words, add something to their sense of self. They do this, for example, by telling you will stand out form the crowd by using this product and so by implication be more fully yourself. In so many cases you are not buying a product but an ‘identity enhancer.’“ – Eckhart Tolle