BE-DO-HAVE Paradigm



Today I watched another episode of self-awareness 101 about taking responsibility for yourself and I really like what he said about Be-Do-have

“you will find that who you thought you were, has nothing to do with who you really are.”

“Most people live their lives thinking, “If I want to have “X” in my life, then I need to do this. And by doing this, I’ll have what I desire, and then I’ll be able to be the person that I desire to be.” That is the Do-Have-Be paradigm. The challenge is, it doesn’t work. There is a paradigm that I have referred to before called the Be-Do-Have paradigm. The way that you truly create the life that you desire is by being that person first. Knowing who it is that you desire to be. By knowing that, by being certain of that, then you will do, what needs to be done, that will allow you to have what you desire.”


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