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The worse people



In his words, “The worst people to serve are the Poor people”. According to him, most poor people are simply difficult to serve or please, and they would always do this when you try to help them:

– Give them free, they think it’s a trap.

– Tell them it’s a small investment, they’ll say can’t earn much.

– Tell them to come in big, they’ll say no money.

– Tell them to try new things, they’ll say they are not sure it will work.

– Tell them it’s traditional business, they’ll say hard to do.

– Tell them it’s a new business model, they’ll say it’s MLM.

– Tell them to run a shop, they’ll say it robs them of freedom.

– Tell them run new business, they’ll say they have no expertise.

Then he spoke on what they have in common:

– They love to ask google, but do nothing with what they learnt from google

– They listen to friends who are as hopeless as them,

– They think more than an university professor and do less than a blind man.

– Just ask them, what can they do. They won’t be able to answer you.

His advice to “poor people”…

My conclusion and advise to poor people:

Instead of your heart beating faster, why not you just act faster a bit;

Instead of just thinking about it, why not start doing something about it.

Instead of looking for handouts, why not learn and WORK HARD at getting the things done by yourself Poor people fail because of one common behaviour: Their Whole Life is About Waiting.