Monthly Archives: February 2014

Think positive isn’t enough, it is what you could think.


It’s not what you think that determine the quantity of your life. It is the space in which you think, it’s what you could think. If your box is this big you can not think outside of that box and that’s what determine the quantity of your life. It’s not some different thought in the box. What everyone think if I thought a little differently, life would be better. Positive thinking, thinking differently that’s not going to change a person’s life, it’s not going to open a person’s life and makes it sing. Yes you could think differently but first you must clean up all the junk in your box by unlearn what you’ve already known and complete with your past. Once the box is clear you are free to take action knocking down walls in the box, make it bigger or even create new boxes. By then you realize you don’t need to think differently. You are different.