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A man is born gentle and weak

“A man is born gentle and weak; at his death he is hard and stiff. All things, including the grass and trees, are soft and pliable in life; dry and brittle in death. Stiffness is thus a companion of death; flexibility a companion of life. An army that cannot yield will be defeated. A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind. The hard and stiff will be broken; the soft and supple will prevail.” – Lao Tzu

The past in the future


WernerErhard“We human beings don’t leave the past in the past. We have the past in the future and when you do that it looks like the past gives you who you are and gives you your life in the present – kind of like two file cabinets. One file cabinet says the past the other one says the future and you’ve got the stuff that should be in the past filing cabinet stored in the future. If you take the past stuff out of the future and put it into the past (and there’s a way to do that) what have you got in the future? Nothing! – Which is wonderful because if who I am in the present is given by the future into which I live, I can create a future for myself that gives me being in the present, that has joy, that has vitality, that has self-expression that has the things that make life worth living.” – Werner Erhard



WernerErhard  Integrity is often thought of as moral uprightness and steadfastness—making the “good” choices, doing the “right thing.” In fact, it is far more than that. It is a home, an anchor, a created and continuing commitment—a way of being and acting that shapes who you are. Integrity is not constrained by, nor does it reside in, rules, prescriptions, or imposed demands. It resides in the ability to constitute yourself as your word, to being true to your principles,
and ultimately, being true to yourself.

— from Landmark International Division description of the Webinar: Integrity – The Bottom Line.