True Self


WernerErhard “What happened had no form. It was timeless, unbounded, ineffable, beyond language . . . I realized that I was not my emotions or thoughts. I was not my ideas, my intellect, my perceptions, my beliefs. I was not what I did or accomplished or achieved. Or hadn’t achieved. I was not what I had done right or what I had done wrong. I was not what I had been labeled — by myself or others. All of these identifications cut me off from experience, from living. I was none of these.

“I was simply the space, the creator, the source of all that stuff. I experienced Self as Self in a direct and unmediated way. I didn’t just experience Self; I became Self . Suddenly I held all the information, the content, in my life in a new way, from a new mode, a new context. I knew it from experience and not from having learned it. It was an unmistakable recognition that I was, am, and always will be the source of my experience.

“Experience is simply evidence that I am here. It is not who I am . . . I no longer thought of myself as the person named Werner Erhard. . . I was not identified by my ‘false identity’ any more than by my ‘true identity’. All identities were false .

“I was whole and complete as I was, and now I could accept the whole truth about myself. For I was its source. I found enlightenment, truth and true self all at once.”

— Werner Erhard


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