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For A World Without Cancer : Jack Andraka at TEDxOrangeCoast


Through the Internet anything is possible and you don’t have to be a professor with multiple degrees  to have your idea value. regardless of your gender, age, regardless of anything it’s just your idea that counts


It is perfect



“Let’s take a look at the nature of now. What I’ve noticed with the people I’ve interacted with is that everyone who truly experiences right here, right now, actually sees that it’s all perfect exactly the way it is. When I am being myself, nothing more and nothing less – when I am doing exactly what I am doing – when I am allowing what is so around me to be exactly like it is – when I am being right here instead of where I am going – when I am observing it all just as it is without adding any judgments or evaluations or comparing it, then I observe that it is perfect.”

– Werner Erhard