The Secret


I saw this movie called “The Secret” while ago. It’s a nice movie and it motivated me for a day or two.  Positive thinking, law of attraction and just ask and the universal will give it to you free of charge.  Well  I tried it on lottery and I stared at the lottery number I wrote on the ticket and thinking of winning it and …. of course I didn’t win. Which was a wonderful experience because I realize nothing will come easy without putting effort into it. And now I’m in the process of studying The Master Key System.  I realize there are tons of information missing in the idea of law of attraction.

This is true because we must ”be” before we can ”do”, and we can “do” only to the extent which we “are,” and what we ”are” depends upon what we ”think.”

1) You must believe what you want to be and think about what you want to be ( NOT HOW)

2) Believe that is who you are and be that person  ( YOU STILL HAVE NOT DONE NOTHING YET, IT IS JUST A MENTAL BELIEF.)

3) Once you believe and openly share with people about your belief, you will start see opportunities which you’ve never seen before.

4) Then must start giving. Giving by taking actions. (AND YOU WILL KNOW HOW  WHEN YOU TAKE ACTIONS)

5) These are what I have for now and it’s only my understanding from the Master Key System and from my experience. I will add more points in the future.  Oh one more thing I believe is that you must first clean up your mind (Mental Cleaning) like getting rid of you fear, anxiety and the rules that you make on yourself or made by others and then it comes to the most important part “Control”.  If you cannot control your mind and body, nothing nothing can be accomplished.  Again this is not complete and I will continue study and share more in the future. Good  day : )

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