Get set … Go – The Master Key System



Today I’m going to start a course called “The Master Key System”. I think I’m ready. I have the eBook and audio book uploaded to my phone so I have access to them anytime anywhere. Also I joined the “The master key system community” on where I can get all the info and support I need. OK I am ready to Go. let’s begin. : )

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  1. How is it going? 🙂 I have read it twice and had made a tremendous influence on me. But still I feel I need to go throught it atleast three more times to completely get the book. have you been practising all the exercises?

    • Hi I’m very good. thx. I have been studying this book as a course one part per week so I will finish this course in half year or more. I do the exercise for each part and once I archive it I then move on to the next. Right now I’m at part 5 and it took me 2 months to get there. Thx for commenting.

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