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Action comes out of the acceptance








New Earth online Class – chapter 1

Oprah: Yeah. What you say is, “What you resist persists.”
Eckhart: Yes.
Oprah: So you must make peace with the moment.
Eckhart: Yes.
Oprah: Doesn’t mean you have to approve the situation.
Eckhart: No.
Oprah: But you must make peace with the moment in order to get yourself out of it.
Eckhart: yes
Oprah: Cause resisting is only going to cause more of it.
Eckhart: Yes. And that’s absolutely vital. So ease with what is. The “isness” of this moment is already as it already is as it’s. The ego doesn’t understand that, but you can’t really argue with what is because it already is.
Oprah: So you must accept whatever it is first before you begin to change it, that’s what you’re saying.
Eckhart: Yes.
Oprah: There must be acceptance.
Eckhart: Acceptance of what is first. Then action comes out of the acceptance. It no longer comes out of resistance.
Oprah: Got it.
Eckhart: Which is a totally different energy flows into what you do when it comes out of an acceptance of that is what is and then action happens that is actually empowered by life itself.

Identity Enhancer



“The people in the advertising industry know very well that in order to sell things, that people don’t really need. they must convince them that those things will add something to how they see themselves or are seen by others; in other words, add something to their sense of self. They do this, for example, by telling you will stand out form the crowd by using this product and so by implication be more fully yourself. In so many cases you are not buying a product but an ‘identity enhancer.’“ – Eckhart Tolle

Two monks


Two monks on a pilgrimage came to the ford of a river. There they saw a girl dressed in all her finery, obviously not knowing what to do since the river was high and she did not want to spoil her clothes. Without more ado, one of the monks took her on his back, carried her across and put her down on dry ground on the other side.

Then the monks continued on their way. But the other monk after an hour started complaining, “Surely it is not right to touch a woman; it is against the commandments to have close contact with women. How could you go against the rules of monks?”

The monk who had carried the girl walked along silently, but finally he remarked, “I set her down by the river an hour ago, why are you still carrying her?”

Rules of living successfully on an Earth


“It is really based on idea of that is you or me. Another word in order for you to win somebody has to lose; in order for them to win you have to lost a little. Rule of living successfully on the planet based on a you or me world,  most of us are familiar with those rules. We learn them as we grow up, we learn from school, we learn them from our family and we learn them from our relationship. Sometime around now the rule of living successfully has shifted from those based on you or me to those based on you and me. The problem is most of us haven’t examine or thought out how to live successfully in the you and me world and most of us haven’t noticed it’s a you and me world.”

from an interview with Werner Erhard