Let go of the past


I heard this from Eckhart Tolle. This is the story of two monks on a pilgrimage, and they come across, in a village, they come across a young 17-year-old girl with a long kimono trying to cross a very muddy road, but she’s not daring to step into the mud. So one monk picks her up, carries her across the road through the mud, puts her down. And so the monks walk on in silence for another four or five hours, just practicing noble silence. And then, after four or five hours, they’re getting close to their destination, one monk says to the monk who had picked up the girl, “Oh, you know, you shouldn’t have done that because we monks are not supposed to even to touch women. So you really, you shouldn’t have picked up that girl. You’re not supposed to do that.” And so the other monk says, “Oh, are you still carrying that girl? I put her down hours ago.” So the other monk was still carrying the girl, the event in his head.

We as human being always carry the past and worry about the future.Ā  What if we realize the present moment is all there is, the past & future is just thought in our mind?


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