Rules of living successfully on an Earth


“It is really based on idea of that is you or me. Another word in order for you to win somebody has to lose; in order for them to win you have to lost a little. Rule of living successfully on the planet based on a you or me world,  most of us are familiar with those rules. We learn them as we grow up, we learn from school, we learn them from our family and we learn them from our relationship. Sometime around now the rule of living successfully has shifted from those based on you or me to those based on you and me. The problem is most of us haven’t examine or thought out how to live successfully in the you and me world and most of us haven’t noticed it’s a you and me world.” – from an interview with Werner Erhard

If you think about this. It is really a you and me world. We are all connected to each another in the universe. Think about the food chain. Without the sun plant is not going to grow,  animal will die and human won’t be able to survive.  If you understand it is a you and me world, the world can work for everyone and there is enough to go around.  You might ask how I can change the world. The answer is you don’t, you contribute to the world …


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