Are you good listener?


Are you good listener? I know I’m not. When I have a conversation with someone, I always try to interpret what he is saying and at the same time prepare what I’m going to say back to him and lot of times I interrupt someone so I can get my point across before I forget. I am definitely not a good listener because I always talk and waiting to talk back.

Have you ever noticed that you might be sharing something that’s really important to you or you just want to connect with somebody, and as you look at them, you can tell just by the expression on their face that they’re not really paying attention to anything you’re saying? And as you think about a time when that happened to you, how does it make you feel when you can just tell that the person is not “present” with you?

Have you ever noticed, that often when we are in a conversations we are not paying any attention to what the person is saying? So many times we are just waiting for our turn to talk, or we are so focused on wanting to make sure we get our point across, that we are actually having a conversation with ourselves in our own heads, while the other person is talking to us. And sadly, we’re paying more attention to the conversation we are having with ourselves than we are to the conversation with the other person.

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