Be Brave Enough To Accept The Help Of Others


Today we’re going to discuss a quote regarding facing fear by Melba Cosgrove, “Be brave enough to accept the help of others.”

What an interesting phrase: “Be brave enough to accept the help of others”. She didn’t say be open enough, she didn’t say be willing enough, she didn’t say, be humble enough, but she specifically chose the word “brave”.

I think that’s what impacted me so much about that quote. I never looked at it from that perspective before of accepting help equating to facing fear. Why would I have to be brave to accept help from someone? As I looked at that question in more detail, I found that there was much I was scared of.

For a moment, let me turn it around and ask you a question. When someone offers you help, do you without question accept that help? Or do you often say, “No, no, no, that’s okay, I can do it.” Maybe it is a co-worker offering help on a project at work. Maybe it is a stranger offering to help getting your groceries into or out of the car. Take a moment and become aware of how you normally respond. What is your “knee-jerk” response to anything that someone offers you help with? Be honest with yourself, what is your normal response?

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  1. Good point! But, realizing it now when nothing is happening, won’t do you any good in terms of the mere incident when you are deciding in the split second whether or not to accept the help of others. It’s different from person to person because it depends on how quickly your mind can analyze the person offering you help, and the situation, whether to be brave, and accept it; or to be a 小人 (“little person”) and think its a deception, and deny.

  2. It takes time to train not labeling people and judging people by their look. Once you aware you are labeling someone, you can change it. If you to say no right away, it means you can handle it which is also ok.

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