Monthly Archives: May 2011

Standard and Ideal


last night we had our conference phone call, when Raza talked about leadership and Max talked about his standard, something just popped up in my mind – ¬†winning, competing, losing and failing. When I was young, our school had ranking system, if there were 30 people in the class, at the end of the year students will be ranked from top 1st all the way down to 30th place. We were taught to win and to compare with people who are better, so we will improve; comparing with people who were worse than you will only slow you down. Then in high school, we were taught to get good grad, so you can get into good university, get a professional degree so you can get a secure job with good pay. In all my life, friends, my parent, school are supporting, helping me to succeed. In all my life I don’t think I’m really trying to get better, all I’m trying is not to lose, not to take risk and not to fail. Up until now after I took to forum, I have a lot of breakthroughs, but still I’m trying so hard to avoid breakdown. Failing is the only way to learn.