Home Security System is Junk


Why Home Security System is JUNK?  First you need to know what it does and how much it costs.  Regular Security System will set off the alarm whenever someone gets in to your house  when you are not home.  Then it will try to contact the owner and if it can’t get a hold of you, it will call police on your behalf.  Remember you DON’T turn on the alarm when you are in the house.  So you are not protected when you are in the house, it’s only good for protecting  you property.  I was paying 30 something dollars with ADT on three years contract, I think it’s complete waste of my money. Now I’ve been using better solution using a webcam,  pc and a software called Yawcam.  The software is free.  It captures pics whenever it spot a motion, then sends you an email with pics or a SMS message. I have my webcam facing the font door and it sends me email when someone opens the door. It also great for monitoring kids or senior at the house.

Yawcam features:
.: Video streaming
.: Image snapshots
.: Built-in webserver
.: Motion detection
.: Ftp-upload
.: Text and image overlays
.: Password protection
.: Online announcements for communities
.: Scheduler for online time
.: Time lapse movies
.: Run as a Windows service
.: Multi languages


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