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How to Most Effectively Battle the Common Cold


Another article on common cold

How to Most Effectively Battle the Common Cold


How to treat Cold


Since my wife and older son are having a cold,  so I decided to do some research on how to treat cold and share what I found. Feel free to leave me comment if you have more suggestions

  • Drink lots of fluids. Water and green tea
  • A mixture of honey and lemon will boost the immune system and sooth irritated throats.
  • Gargling salt water – Warm salty water helps break away nasal congestion and particles of bacteria
  • Steam Salty Water – Warm salty water helps break away nasal congestion and particles of bacteria. Pour a pint of warm steamy water with a mixture of salt. Allow the water to be steamy for effective results and then breathe in the hot steam or squirt the salty water into the nose using a bulb syringe or anything similar and watch your nasal passages unblock.
  • Eat food rich in Vitamin C such as:
    • citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, etc)
    • cantaloupe
    • strawberries
    • tomatoes
    • broccoli
    • kiwi fruit
    • sweet red peppers
  • Get enough rest
  • Take hot, steamy showers – The humidity will help clear out your sinuses
  • Use humidifier
  • Cook with Garlic and ginger
Chinese Ginger Drink

Ginger (get rid of the cold) + brown sugar (rich in iron) blood complement effort to extract a large combat the cold!
Will be about 200 grams of ginger slices into 2000cc of water boil, add brown sugar together for ten minutes and roll; who are not afraid of spicy ginger and then cooked can stuffy ten minutes. Will be able to drive after drinking several successive wind and cold, comfortable trachea.
生薑 ( 驅除寒氣 ) + 紅糖 ( 富含鐵質 ) 補血補力氣,逼出寒氣大作戰!
將約 200 克的生薑切片放入 2000cc 的水中煮開後,再加紅糖適量一起滾個十分鐘;不怕辣的人可以讓煮好的薑湯再悶上十分鐘。連續喝幾次後便能驅風散寒,舒暢氣管。

Tools to help you remember and organize things


Google Calendar

  • save all the events and shared events with others
  • many mobile apps are compatible with Google Calendar


  • Capture everything – note, idea,  clip a Webpage, snap photo
  • Powerful search – it can even search text in a photo
  • mobile app available


  • store web bookmarks
  • very simple to use

Those are the tools I have been using to keep thing organized.